Sunday, April 22

Tediously waiting for my slide film to be developed.
In the meantime, university is consuming my life for about two more weeks.
All I really want is to sleep in, and read literature, and lay around and make tea,
find some little peaceful parts of the forest,
work on my next big photo project,
bake endlessly sweet things,
let jonathan play with little pieces of my hair the way he does sometimes when he holds me.
every day will be soft like sunday.
it's a whisper I keep hearing,
it comes and kisses my ear,
 then slips away, effortlessly, into the wind.


  1. Love the shot in the alley... Can't wait to see what new big photo project you come up with!

  2. This is lovely, the writing, and I'm feeling the same way.
    I want to be able to sit in my bed in the sun and not have to move.