Sunday, January 30

playing with shutter speed.

also: i finished my roll of polaroid spectra film, will scan them soon.

Saturday, January 29

eventually, potentially.

these words
are ruining my life.

Sunday, January 23

I find peace
in being

which is more than most people can say i think.

Thursday, January 20

Im kind of
missing on this time of year.

or mostly just the spring. I have always been incessantly in love with april and may.
its my favorite time of year, everything's changing for the better.
I'm challenging myself to photograph movement more, starting today. I feel my photos are too static sometimes.
(first image is my zenit, second is minolta xg, third is diana)

Monday, January 17

a bunch of shots from the abandoned house hattie, kira and I broke into last weekend. I got dozens of good ones, here are some of my favorites.
we had been there once before a long time ago,
the sunglasses I left behind were still sitting on the dusty endtable where i had forgotten them.

Sunday, January 9

do you ever feel
its all just
too beautiful,
too fast?

Sunday, January 2

well its a new year again, although, I dont really consider january first the start of it, I count may nineteenth, the day after my birthday. Because I don't remember things by what year they were in, I remember them by how old I was at the time.
so no resolutions.
not until may nineteenth.
and anyway, the more I wonder, the more I realize.

I've got starlight
I've got sweet dreams.
I've got my man
who could ask for anything more?