Tuesday, February 28

went home this weekend and shot some bits of wisconsin on a disposable camera.
sometimes its quite refreshing to use something so thoughtless and simple,
it somehow seemed fitting of winter up north.
trying desperatly to get out of this winter rutt I've lingered in.


Thursday, February 23

I feel lost.
What a thing it is, to be a woman.

Tuesday, February 14

love is in the air.

Sunday, February 5

some expired 120 film shot on a little plastic camera from the junk store.
lately I have been:
   - stuck in a photo rut.
   - baking all sorts of chocolate things.
   - wishing it would get a little bit warmer a little bit sooner.
   - studying anthropology and french because that is what makes my heart happy.
   - letting jonathan fall asleep on me and wearing his sweaters more often than not.