Saturday, December 24

may your days be merry and bright.

Sunday, December 18

with the winter's breath at my back,
my bicycle couldn't go fast enough.

Tuesday, December 13

My book, Fables, has been released!
The book features 80 color pages of film photographs I have taken based on
the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.
includes poloroid & 35mm images, available in both hardback and softcover.
You can purchase it on Blurb here. It's pretty simple, all you need is a PayPal account or a credit card!
(there is also a preview of the book available there).
don't hesitate to ask questions!
If you have an admiration or passion for analog photography,
or believe all things magical,
you will enjoy this. I promise.

Wednesday, December 7

we live in an endlessly lovely world
and I feel that is often...
stowed away in a shoebox in the back of your closet.
behind your coats.
take it out.
try it on.

Monday, December 5

these images are a few days 
which I would really love to just
far away to.
By the way, I will be opening a print shop, and my book is finished.
I will be releasing both to the public soon.