About Me

I am Elisabeth Dare,
24 year old analog photographer based in Northeast Ohio.
However, being rather nomadic,
I spend a lot of my time living, exploring, and photographing elsewhere.
Currently completing studies in Anthropology and Fine Art Photography,
I have been shooting film for 8 years.
I choose to do so because I find that film's imperfections catalog
the human experience in a very authentic manner
in unpredictable and atmospheric textures, colors, and forms.
Analog photography is my truth.


  1. Your photos are great..
    Could we ever capture all the magical things?
    Just wondering..
    Have a happy New Year!!

  2. Hey! Just started following your images on flickr and here. Love your work! Are you scanning from home using one of those Pakon scanners? I just picked one up, and the images I saw here helped convince me for sure.