Tuesday, August 28

I ran away to the place that looks like my soul
and I'm never coming back.
I'll be in that haven,
where thoughts become lost,
or drown at sea,
that's where
you will see


Saturday, August 18

A little note to say I am selling 2 of my cameras:
if you are interested in either of them, please email me at elisabethdare@aol.com
 I am selling them individually, but I will sell them together as a package for $350.
the lenses for the film camera can be used on the digital, so they make a great pair!

The first is my Canon Rebel XT, a digital SLR camera, with it's orignal 18-55mm kit lens.
the camera has some normal wear, but is fully functional and wonderful for beginners in the digital world.
Comes with charger, USB connector, 2GB memory card, canon battery.
To learn more about this camera, peek here!
takes images such as:

the second is my lovely film Canon Rebel G,
once again, the camera has normal wear, but is fully functional.
It takes all 35mm film, and is wonderful for film beginners as well.
Comes with:
compact black carrying case, standard 35-80mm kit lens, additional 78-215mm zoom lens,
brand new batteries (that generally last up to 2 years), lens cap.
for more information on this camera peek here!

takes images such as:

Saturday, August 11

My Print Shop will be featuring all new prints on August 20th!
So hurry and purchase the prints that are in the shop,
because they will no longer be available in 8 days.
Also, type in 'endofsummer' at checkout to recieve a 15% discount on your order.
(by the way, I have approximately a million rolls being processed currently from the last few weeks,
so I will have lots of new photographs to share soon!)

Thursday, August 2

A little local spotlight:
I've discovered the most darling cafe in Ohio City called Bonbon Pastry & Cafe.
The staff are incredibly personable and we are comrades of sorts,
they always have a colorful assortment of delectable treats,
and accompanied by a warm beverage,
 you have a happy-go-lucky tuesday afternoon.
If you live in the area, stop in sometime!
the following are some polaroids I shot there on expired impossible film.
Did I mention that it's adorable?