Monday, May 4

Spring Beans

From one lazy, passing day some time ago.
I've been blooming all sorts of colors lately.

Wednesday, April 29

Cloud Chasers

Following strangers through the mountains
of North Cumbria,
Cloud chasing,
and losing myself along the way.

Sunday, April 19

Instant Colors

Are not we enchanters,
rush whisperers,
color seekers.

(all on Impossible Instant Spectra Film)

Monday, March 30


I've fallen in love with a human.

There is a steady and comforting eagerness to his hands,
 youthful ease in his gaze and bearing,
and he traces each corner of me with emphatic memorization,
as if I could flee at any moment.
He is in my mind always,
blanketed in this quiet season,
covered in northern snow, 
where we have sewn our heartstrings together.

Sunday, March 15

A Softness

The ground was full of hushes.
Soaked 35mm.

Monday, March 2

Caroline in the Morning

after daybreak,
soft goodbyes,
unfolding of chapters.
my sister before she ran away.
(expired fuji reala)

Wednesday, February 18

An Ambiguous Soul

  Not long ago I found a roll of film hidden in the bottom of a backpack.
I developed it, rinsed in nostalgia and curiosity.
What I have discovered is that we have small and fleeting moments,
glimmers of light,
shadows and suns,
lithe and airy souls.
They fade quietly,
lingering in the bottom of backpacks,
adrift in memory.

Wednesday, February 4

Travels Chapter 10: Pluie Normandie

 I miss so France so much my bones hurt,
it was softer there.
This day was strange, and happy.

It rained buckets,
but we laughed anyways.

Tuesday, January 27


 My sister owns a farm in the far north east
which I visited most recently,
oddly it was warm and misty despite being the middle of winter.
I read omens that this season would be mild and hushed,
but few have believed it beside myself.

That place was full of light, but it was hidden like pearls,
eclipsed in short days and oncoming nights.

Friday, January 16

Travels Chapter 9: Noir & Blanc

Je rêve de ce lieu.
Dans tout cela de chagrin et de tristesse, ce est encore un havre de lumière et de beauté.

(All black and white film, the first six from Bretagne,
the last from scattered corners throughout France)