Monday, December 30

Sunday, December 22

Guerres D'hiver

hibernating lives,
our flesh begins to tear and gnaw at it's frozen limits,
enveloping the soul in a hostel combat
we fight these
 quiet and exhaustive
winter wars.

A variety of expired original polaroid & impossible films.

Wednesday, November 27


nimble souls
scurrying about dark places
faint whispers, and saints whisper,
(black and white double exposed film)

Friday, November 22

Sara & Caroline

I wept through this entire season,
stuck in the burs of stolen months,
escaping to somewhere
that must eventually fade to bare trees
and sullen, hollow ground.

Tuesday, November 12

Tiger Lily's Reverie

I am happy to treat the world to a little sneak peak
 of my next published project,
a photobook & print series entitled 

a collection of film photographs based on the tales of Peter Pan.

The following are outtakes of images from the chapter of
Tiger Lily's Reverie,
a collection of dark & ethereal images of an earthen nymph.

Tuesday, October 29


from the roof of a friend,
I watched an empire ending.

(slide film)

Saturday, October 19

riot your heart out.