Friday, November 30

double exposures on expired film.
we are of the earth.

Tuesday, November 27

Ventured to Wisconsin recently,
a land drifting between my past and present where I spent a brief time some years back.
It seems permanently stopped for me at that time of day just before twilight,
its skies always laden with fading, leafless trees, black and reaching.
Endless wheat colored fields coat the earth there,
and the onyx silhouettes of birds are constantly dotting blank skies.
This place lingers somewhere between familiar and forgotten.
It is a small reminder that I have spent the majority of my life
living out of a suitcase of sorts,
that I don't really belong anywhere,
the only home I recognize
 beats inside of the chest cavity of a boy
 who is very far away.

Tuesday, November 20

 Lucid Dreams
in the foggy nothingness
between forgotten and forgetting.
November blues.

Monday, November 5

cross processed slide film from a while back, all taken one day in the city.
some are double exposures.