Sunday, September 26

your loveliness goes on and on, yes it does, yes it does.
my creative juices are producing rivers.
which is good. I need some occupation.

I have a few projects for myself this winter:
a) finishing my photoseries and exhibiting it.
b) evolving my videography.
c) learning to bake- everything- from scratch.
d) reading. a lot.
e) making a new friend.
f) painting the whole of my new apartment.
g) drowning all of my inhibitions in lake erie.

ready, set, go.

Monday, September 20

the feast jon and I had the other day, I made the muffins and waffles.
my belly is still happy.

Tuesday, September 14

they tell me

its finding a real, live, connection with another human being
that makes it all worthwhile.

I miss you.

Thursday, September 9

my favorites from the black and white roll I took in europe.

Friday, September 3

its rainy and sad and lovely today.
I'm at the library, watching the clouds roll by through big, square windows.
the weather is changing. Its not as warm. Its my favorite, right in between cold and warm.
I am finishing my Series this weekend, to be exhibited later this month. It is exciting.

I am hoping to publish a book soon afterwards, I've been doing some talking and its certainly in the works.

its been murphy's law the past couple of days.
driving me up a wall.

I think this past week I've cried more, and smiled more, than I have in quite some time.
you've been on my mind.
the grey in the sky seems to dull so many minds