Wednesday, May 30

we are the most humanistic humans I know.
the other day it rained on our picnic, and hattie and I didn't hesitate to take full advantage of it.
summer is here.
my knees are scabbed.

Saturday, May 26

I turned 22 years old a week ago.
Myself aside a handful of the greatest people in the universe retreated into the wild for a few days,
it was gloriously adventurous.
I played in a waterfall, and climbed a mountain,
and ate cake, and fruit, and kissed a boy, and got bug bites,
and wore a princess dress, and fell asleep under the stars.
what I wouldn't give to stowaway somewhere wild and never return.
one day.

Sunday, May 20

drinking lemonade in the garden, waiting for film to be developed,
watching jonathan climb trees,
eating things fresh from the earth,
baking sweets,
reading books so old the pages fall out when I turn them.
I'm convinced there's absolutely nothing that smells as wonderful as an old book.
I need to compile a summer reading list. Recommendations, please.

Tuesday, May 15

rainy days.
drip drip drop little may showers.
these are all on expired ilford b&w.
Jonathan and the boys are taking me on a camping adventure this weekend for my birthday,
there shall be firefly catching, mountain climbing, lemonade making,
smore roasting, laughs, picnics, a birthday princess,
and photos galore of course, so keep your eyes peeled!


Wednesday, May 9

this is the way life as been as of late.
all on expired kodak gold.

Sunday, May 6

yummy end-of-spring black and white film.
the trees are lushy, everywhere I glance they are transforming their soft blooms
into full heads of leafy hair, summer is nearly here.
I'm about to fall in love with having free afternoons once again,
able to do as I please,
(and I'm fairly certain that's a ghost in the third photograph).

Wednesday, May 2

Dispite the fact that I have been photographing the world on strictly film for almost 6 years,
I tried slide film for the first time most recently.
The results made me tremendously happy, beautiful colors, tones, saturation,
it's probably safe to say that I'm addicted, hopelessly.
Once I get the hang of exposing things correctly on this tricky film, I plan on dabbling in slide film for medium format, and cross prossessing.
The following were taken on Kodak Ektachrome, 100 speed.