Tuesday, April 24

Thrifty Finds No. 2

so the past few weeks has been a goldmind for thrifty finds!
it's usually hit or miss, but lately I've been 100% lucky.

1. A perfectly spring White Lace Leotard that I can wear with anything. (thrifted)
2. This little Black Rose Floral Skirt is the perfect length, mid-thigh. (on clearence at T.J. Maxx)
3. Thanks to this Crocheted Cream Hat, my hair can now stay in one place! (garage sale)
4.  An adorable Ruby Clutch I have fallen in love with. (thrifted)

5. These gorgeous Tarnished Pearl Earrings and Little Opal Ring are my new favorites. I wear them with everything, no exceptions. (both thrifted)

6. And perhaps best of all, I snagged a gorgeous Polaroid SX-70 from a local thrift store, fully functional, with a tripod, for only $15. I am extremely thrilled with myself, I have always wanted this camera, but they are over $200 retail price. It was a completely magnificant accident.

7. Also, this little Blue Ornate Mug was too precious to pass by. (thrifted)

Due to my thrifty luck, expect some lovely new Polaroids soon!
and lucky thrifting to you all!

Sunday, April 22

Tediously waiting for my slide film to be developed.
In the meantime, university is consuming my life for about two more weeks.
All I really want is to sleep in, and read literature, and lay around and make tea,
find some little peaceful parts of the forest,
work on my next big photo project,
bake endlessly sweet things,
let jonathan play with little pieces of my hair the way he does sometimes when he holds me.
every day will be soft like sunday.
it's a whisper I keep hearing,
it comes and kisses my ear,
 then slips away, effortlessly, into the wind.

Thursday, April 19

There is a Spring Sale going on in my Print Shop!
Just enter "APRILFLOWERS" at checkout and you will recieve 20% off your entire order
The sale ends May 1st.
Enjoy your spring days while they last, lovelies.

Monday, April 16

I had a dream I was wondering in another time,
lost in the pages of a beautiful novel someone wrote once.

Thursday, April 12

stuck indoors
I need
to not
wear shoes.
twiddling my fingers, every afternoon.

Sunday, April 8

double exposures and I've fallen in love with my canon again,
found this little flower haven in the wild.
 this is Samantha, the first time I've photographed her.
I adore her green eyes.
I could die in a field of flowers.
there are exactly:
4 more weeks of college
9 months until I move to France
2 polaroids left in my camera
1 distinct feeling of many lovely days heading my way.

Sunday, April 1

Hattie and I played outside a couple of days ago.
My legs were all itchy, and my hair got all blown out of place,
it was rather perfect.
There was dust on my lens,
 and the photographs came out so humanistic because of it, that my heart sighed a little.
I've bought a new, interesting array of film, including some medium format & slide film.
It was a perfect afternoon, somehow.