Thursday, March 29

It's polaroid weather lately, and I plan on taking full advantage of it, as I usually do.
I looked at the stars the other night and it was as if I had never seen them before,
Over winter I forgot how teemingly magnificant nature is.
spring is the best season.
soon, I am going to see rain.
and mountains.
my heart swells.

Sunday, March 25

Thrifty Finds No. 1

I'm going to be doing a little post bi-monthly-ish on the neat things I find thrifting or on clearence.
This is the first volume, Enjoy!

1. I've been obssessed with headscarves lately, and this little Navy Floral Headscarf is darling. (thrifted)
2. This Tweed Purse is just the right size & I love the compartments on the inside. (thrifted)
3. A little Floral Bralette is a must for warm weather & me, so relaxed.
(on clearence at one of my favorite stores, Aerie)
4. Lovely Lace Romper that's so light & comfortable I could sleep in it... or just frolick about in the flowers.
(on clearence at Aerie)

Monday, March 19

My Print Shop is open!
I have over 20 prints for sale, all on high quality paper with matte finish, in various sizes.
I also am selling a few little vintage bird drawings that make lovely posters.
(these will sell out quickly, I warn you)
Please peruse your hearts away!

Thursday, March 15

Been sipping on frothy, warm things lately.
this mild winter is giving way to warm wind, and I can go outside
without shoes on for the first time in forever.
I came home covered in dirt from head to toe the other day, from playing in the woods all afternoon.
I'm working diligently on getting everything ready to open my Print Shop soon,
which will be available for you wonderful humans to peruse!
(let me know if there are any prints in particular you would love to see for sale).
happy frolicking.

Thursday, March 8

old bits and I'm ready for spring.
I'm going to be reorganizing my blog next week, and opening a new print shop as well!
keep your eyes peeled.