Thursday, June 30

some products of my time on the island.
it just feels,
absolutely different there.
the first evening we arrived jon chased me around the completely
vacant beach at dusk until my legs nearly gave out.
when they did, I collapsed on to the shore at that part where the sea foam meets the sand,
and he kissed me while I layed there,
i didn't photograph that moment,
i didn't want to.
but it was pretty far up there as far as moments have been so far.


Thursday, June 23

in about a months time I will be leaving my home for about a month to travel along
the east coast for about a month.
i will be visiting north carolina, new york city, boston, new hampshire, and maine,
and probably quite a bit of what lies in between.
i would like to photograph every little encounter, all of my surroundings, and whatever else I come across.
i love to photograph findings in little shops (bookstores, coffee places, etc)
as well as family owned places to eat.
if anyone knows of any on the east coast that have character, please tell me about them!
in fact, if anyone knows of any lovely photogenic places on the east coast, or has seen any
neat photographs of the area, share some thoughts, I would love to hear what anyone has to say.
beautiful bits to come.

Saturday, June 18

expired 120 black and white film.
a dream,
if you prefer,
a nightmare.

Friday, June 17

by the time you read this ill be long gone pursueing the high seas.
ill leave you with these bits while I am gone,
ill be taking a thousand photographs.

if i could run into the wild and never return,
i belong out there.

Friday, June 10

I am leaving to go to isle of palms in a week, as we do each summer.
secluded, quiet, serene.
seven sunny days of bare feet and sandy hair and my skin smelling of salt and sunlight,
little cascades of water droplets falling off my shoulders, in between my toes and everywhere else.
seven endless evenings of nothing but moonlight and the lullabyes of the atlantic,
and me,
or with the man i love.
either will do.
either always does.

Monday, June 6

i miss this place, the etches of some dream that keeps resurfacing.

Sunday, June 5

i fell into a dream with you.

Saturday, June 4

sweets will be the death of me.
but I think that would be a good way to go.
a delicious root beer float from the other day.

Friday, June 3

and so it begins.