Saturday, January 26

Today I arrived in France to start a little new life for myself,
to learn myself and others,
and thus far it's left me completely breathless.
My apartment is ancient and gorgeous,
and the people I share it with are intricate and fascinating.
There's a darling little lonely breakfast table in the courtyard that I will be exploring as a breakfast nook soon,
I saw a cat keeping it company today through my window.
The weather is mild and inviting, and the people mysteriously beautiful.
I flew over the French Alps on the way here, and was completely besotted.
This land somehow reaches me in a way nowhere else does.
Watching those mountains pass, with etched valleys and rivers slipping between them,
like some ancient fable,
I fell completely in love,
at first sight,
with the country of France.
This is going to be an incredible five months,
I invite you to share them with me.

Friday, January 18

 Only a few short winter days left in America,
when I return from Europe the world will be lush and green again.
Such change is coming.
In the meantime I am to travel for a few months and learn other ways of life,
which I will be sharing with all of you, on film, naturally.
These are some images taken
 on a cold recent afternoon on a little exploration of the winterum countryside.

Tuesday, January 15

an unexpected thaw.

Sunday, January 6

all my stumbling phrases never amounted
to anything worth this feeling.