Friday, May 24


not six hours of endurance,
of tried effort
liters of water
sunkissed shoulders
to overlook the whole of Provence
could measure to a single small moment that this country has spent carving my soul.

Monday, May 20

Paris Noir et Blanc

lost in the chasms and corridors of my own heart.

Saturday, May 11

Double Exposures Français

what fragile homes we make.
to collapse at a mere whisper.
how entangled our lives grow into one another,
countless days of hiding and losing and finding,
and failing, and wishing,
of the greenest eyes.
how empty.
I have been asleep for most of my life,
and finally I have awoken.
(series of double exposures on film)

Thursday, May 9

Anna and the Aegean

I opened up my eyes 
And found myself alone  
Alone above a raging sea 
That stole the only girl I loved 
And drowned her deep inside of me.

Monday, May 6

Rêves Colorés

quelques petits moments.
I dream in colors, and fall in love with strangers and their stories.