Sunday, May 29

the other day we all spontaneously went camping, my three
best friends and I stayed up to watch the sunrise,
morning's lallabyes all wrapped up in the gathering dew.

it was wonderful, soft light, I plan on utilizing it more often.

Friday, May 27

summer is somewhat on the way.
i've "forgotten" my shoes everywhere
and although my preferences are few and far between,
i prefer not to wear them.
i prefer to
be free.
i prefer
rather simply
to be.

Tuesday, May 24

some images from the wedding I shot last weekend, my first, and it was very successful!
although it rained it was a beautiful spring ceremony, there was magic in the air.
the first five are film, the last four are digital.

Friday, May 20

bits from my birthday, jonathan took me away to frolick in the mountains.
i still hear them whisper.

Wednesday, May 18

today I turn twenty one years old.
and so a new page begins.
the year I was twenty so many things became, and were lost, or were found again,
were forgotten and remembered, replaced.
here are some of them..
my only wish is that other people, through my photographs, might begin to recognize
the particles of magic that I see, however invisible they may be to everyone else.
here is the last year of my life.
and here is to the coming one.













and now it's may again.
one. two. three. here we go.

Tuesday, May 17

some pieces of lately.
the wedding I shot went completely beautifully (even though it rained).
I should have some photos up of the bride and groom by the end of the week.
in the mean time, my birthday is tomorrow and jonathan has taken me on a little getaway
to the mountains, thanks to him I have a lovely picnic and various adventures
to look forward to tomorrow.

Thursday, May 12

I'm off to shoot my first stand alone wedding today! travelling all the way to illinois for it- due to
popular demand, I will definatly be posting the photos I take (all analog of course).
wish me luck, I need it.

in the meantime i'll leave you these to feed your minds. My sister, in november.

she is hiding in the last one. a beautiful little forest sprite.

Sunday, May 8

some lovelies from my diana on 120 film, I was extremely happy with all my images,
the colors are outrageous! I have three more rolls processing at the lab and another three
I need to drop off. The past few weeks my diana and I have become lovers nearly, she
never leaves my side, and seeing what she creates makes all the guesswork worthwhile.
I'm doing all the shooting for my upcoming appearence in a lomography gallery at this lovely place.

I am falling in love with medium format film. madly.

Thursday, May 5

changes of the seasons.

Sunday, May 1

 moments from our adventure yesterday.