Tuesday, September 27

polaroid spectras from this summer, all on expired polaroid softone.
there is something immediatly gratifying about instant film.

Monday, September 26

just some things I picked up from the thrift store this morning.
fall is well on it's way.
I can hardly get away with pretending its still summer.
anyway I adore the change.
it's raining on my windowsill right now.

Wednesday, September 21

I am selling 2 of my many cameras to the world in order to gain some funding
for equipment for my current photo project.

the first is my minolta xg.

this is a 35mm film SLR that takes film you can find at most convienient stores.
it is in lovely condition. Selling for $55.00.
takes photographs such as these:


 I am also selling my Polaroid One-Step 600 Close Up.
this is a fantastic camera that takes 600 speed instant film, which
you can purchase online,
or (if you are in cleveland) at this little photography shop in Tremont.
Also in lovely condition, this particular polaroid has a close up attatchment.
Selling for $25.00
takes photos such as these:

feel free to ask questions!

Monday, September 19

I found a fairy in the forest.
we whispered "summer, goodbye."

Wednesday, September 14

I am currently in the process of preparing for a photo project that is to become
the subject of my first book of photographs.The series is based on the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm,
dark, eerie, hauntingly emotional.
I am choosing between five and seven of the Fables and have casted a flock of extraoridinary
people to portray some of the world's best known characters. I am shooting the series throughout
october, my hope is to release the book December first.
That is what will be keeping me occupied for the next few weeks.
Throw all the magic you can muster my way,
Ill be needing it!

Saturday, September 10

I went to italy around this time last year, and it keeps nabbing for attention in my dreams.
Also, I've just applied to study abroad next fall in France,
and my heart is on the brink
of exploding with the possibilities.

Wednesday, September 7

the south is a largely misunderstood portion of our country.
it is where I am from, and I spent last week there.
so little of the world is unmapped and unnamed,
but there is something about this place that feels exactly that.
an endless chasm of a playground for me to explore.
roads without names and places that seem to be untouched by humanity.