Sunday, July 31

the following photographs are part of a series in which a stunning group
of people immersed themselves into the wild, to place in time that has long since
faded away into nothing
or into pages of books,
glass jars rusting on peeling window ledges.

myself along with a cast of people,
including the amazing photographer Scott Meivogel who owns a neat analog
photography shop in Tremont, Ohio,
created this world of escaped nomads, of ghosts,of wanderlust and the wild at heart.

these are just a few shots from the early morning fog, there will be many others to come.

Sunday, July 24

Wednesday, July 20

I'm collaborating with some pretty neat artists next weekend
to create a beautiful photo series that is to be made into a book.
it will be lovely, and I am looking forward to it very much,
i've been in somewhat of a rutt lately.

Monday, July 18

summer has me all swept away again.
my hair's blowin in the wind.

Saturday, July 9

but you can set sail to the west if you want to.
past the horizon, till I can't even see you.

far, from here
where the beaches are wide.
just leave me your wake
to remember you by.

Sunday, July 3

a few shots from my weatherproof film canon on the island.
generally I strongly dislike flash photography, however I do shoot with a flash for silly
photographs like these, but I consider them a seperate entity entirely from
my regular work.
those nights were so easy and carefree.