Wednesday, March 30

some more of caroline when she was here.

Monday, March 28

the feast that my sister and I and our men made for sunday brunch:
scrambled eggs, my daddy's biscuits and gravy, belgian waffles with fresh fruit,
honey oat and peanut butter rolled bananas, crispy bacon,
and champagne mimosas to accompany.
it was wonderful.

 I am developing five rolls of film this afternoon.
I'm starting to wonder if anything in my life will ever give me the same satisfaction as that does.

Thursday, March 24

you are my sister, and therefore one half of me.
from this past weekend, all on my zenit.
(tell me which you like best please!)

I can't think about her, I miss her too much.

Monday, March 21

don't wake me up.

my sister came and visited, we shot a couple of rolls together. my camera is always happy when she's around, the energy we bounce off one another always seems to work for the better on film.
i'm going to philadelphia this weekend and that in itself should produce magnificant photo lovelies.
anyway here are some things from this time of year.

plan on sleeping in.

Monday, March 14

from our adventure in the mud the other day.
I got my weatherproof camera in, its beautiful, but i've only taken one roll so far, hopefully it turns out well.
this one is on from my dslr.

Thursday, March 10

spring is coming. i thought i heard the birds come back.

Tuesday, March 8

we're in that limbo where it isn't winter anymore and it isn't spring,
laying in bed all day together. waiting for things to bloom.
it rains, and then it freezes, and then it melts, and then it rains again.

I'm about to try double exposing a roll of film by just shooting it all the way through twice,
I'm really optomistic about it. Double exposures are so neat, and I'm sure my zenit will
spew out some nice ones with a little help from me.

also, I ordered a super neat waterproof camera online today, it will be perfect for
rainy umbrella spring photographs.
anyway here's some of lately.

Tuesday, March 1