Tuesday, March 8

we're in that limbo where it isn't winter anymore and it isn't spring,
laying in bed all day together. waiting for things to bloom.
it rains, and then it freezes, and then it melts, and then it rains again.

I'm about to try double exposing a roll of film by just shooting it all the way through twice,
I'm really optomistic about it. Double exposures are so neat, and I'm sure my zenit will
spew out some nice ones with a little help from me.

also, I ordered a super neat waterproof camera online today, it will be perfect for
rainy umbrella spring photographs.
anyway here's some of lately.


  1. Lovely pictures + words :)

  2. One of the first photos I took on an SLR was double-exposed (without meaning to), and I really like it, it brings back even more memories!