Monday, July 30

In a couple of days I'll be away on a holiday to a serene island
with nothing but the sea's lullabies every evening,
and bits of sand in between my toes every day.
in the meantime,
here are some instant photographs from the past while,
taken on various impossible films.

Tuesday, July 24

people in your lives come
and go
fade like dreams,
like dreams,
some are
like dreams,
some are reassuring.

Thursday, July 12

picking wild strawberries,
finding rocks with carvings of mermaids,
jonathan's arms,
bike riding and milkshakes.
tis the season.

Sunday, July 8

I surround myself with people
who not simply are,
who live.
they feast on vitality,
and search for every entity of excitement,
and feast on every fervor.
Our hearts are wild and uncivilized.
and the only thing I am afraid of in this world is not taking advantage of every ticking second,
of every possible chance of pursuit,
of them passing by me like fireflies,
little glimmering possibilities gone in a moment.
And so why would we simply be,
with such precious time,
when we could be alive?

Sunday, July 1

oh, I have lived forever,
I'm a thousand turns of tides,
I'm a thousand wakes of springtime and a thousand infant cries.
Just a thousand leaves in autumn and a thousand ways to try,
a thousand ways to try.