Thursday, June 24

Both of my cameras have sand in them.
that's alright.

The sea is gray today from where I sit. It gets bluer the closer it gets to the sky; they meet out there somewhere where my eyes fail me, I swear by it.

Last night we went for a walk on the beach, without anyone or anything, not even noise, or light.
the moon was almost full, I'm hoping for tonights walk it will be.
the tides will be stronger.
this sea has a heartbeat.
everything was silver and indigo.
we sang to each other
we whispered
we danced by the moon.

beyond the sea
somewhere waiting for me
my lover stands on golden sands
and watches the ships go sailing.

I have never loved anyone so much.

I dont want to leave this place.

Monday, June 21

Its been a little while, apologies. I have been pursuing travels.

New York City was lovely. it was nice to see my sisters.
There is a sort of beat about the streets there, I may go back later in the summer, we will see.

I am at the sea now with Jonathan and his family, on a little private island.
It is beautiful and quiet and serene. I shot my first roll with zenit yesterday.
I still have to name him.

I've been using disposables, and my underwater camera, and rosalee as well.
the ocean is my favorite thing in the whole world.

I see it now from where I sit.
My hair is salty.

I'll swim out
and never come back.

Tuesday, June 8

my voice is small but hearty.
im no good at talking.
but I wear intriguing expressions like its my job.

Monday, June 7

"I'm so thankful for you"

Thats what Jonathan told me.
twenty minutes ago.

Just a little whisper in my ear.

Three years
and my heart can still swim fathoms.

Thursday, June 3

I jumped into lake Erie today.
The ends of my hair are still wet.
and I smell like moss and water.

I am starting to love the little tug in my film advance whenever I am rewinding the film.

that tug,
that small tension.

I could write novels about it.