Monday, November 28

it's rather bleak.
but there is a little room
in it's heart
and the room is drafty and grey, but,
it is filled with the most lovely things.

Thursday, November 24

the people in my life make me happy.

Saturday, November 19

some adventures from this past weekend when I visited home,
of my little sister and her best friend.
i've been working like crazy on my upcoming book and have been posting sparsely as a result
anyway this is what has been going on in the world:
-today it rained, I made myself chai and wore pajamas most of the day,
and as it was raining I realized it was probably the last time it will rain until april,
which frightens me a little, because I really love the rain.
-I need a good book to read.
-I have recently decided that I would very much like a european pen pal.
-It will be bon iver weather soon and that is very exciting.
-Making a book of photographs isn't as easy as it seems.
-But that's alright, because it's turning out beautifully.

Friday, November 11

polaroids on impossible spectra film.

Monday, November 7

Cinderella's dreams came true the other day.
just another sneak peak from my book.

Wednesday, November 2

love is a dress that you make
long to hide your knees.