Saturday, November 19

some adventures from this past weekend when I visited home,
of my little sister and her best friend.
i've been working like crazy on my upcoming book and have been posting sparsely as a result
anyway this is what has been going on in the world:
-today it rained, I made myself chai and wore pajamas most of the day,
and as it was raining I realized it was probably the last time it will rain until april,
which frightens me a little, because I really love the rain.
-I need a good book to read.
-I have recently decided that I would very much like a european pen pal.
-It will be bon iver weather soon and that is very exciting.
-Making a book of photographs isn't as easy as it seems.
-But that's alright, because it's turning out beautifully.


  1. the first is lovely.

  2. If you want a penpal, I'd like to apply for...

  3. I'm from the netherlands, you can be my penpal if you want.. : )

  4. Blankets, by Craig Thompson.

  5. How about a South African pen-pal?

  6. Mmm. Read White Oleander by Janet Fitch.

  7. claire, alice, marlies! do you have an email address I can contact you through? I would love to write you all but don't want you to have to post your address on the public internet. I can shoot you an email and we can exchange addresses perhaps?

    Also the other girls, if you'd like an italian panpal...

  9. ( : i'd love to write you! :D

  10. Love the third picture ! I'd love to be your penpal too, I'm from Paris :)

  11. Yeah, sure gimme a shout :]