Monday, March 18

Première Pluies Paris

Even in the rain, Paris sparkles.
Only spent a couple of days there, strictly to study art,
 and had to manage on one roll of film with just some quick thoughtless shots.
I've never seen such a city in my life.
nights that radiate and shimmer into days.
long walks along the Seine, with a person I hardly know,
having conversations I will never forget.
there are some things a camera cannot capture.
It is truly a city of lights,
a painting. a rêverie.
Everything I've learned in history and art and literature about this place is real,
 Paris is the most immense work of art in the world.
 and I can't wait to return and focus on photographing it.

Thursday, March 14

Barcelone Part 2

Si eden existe, je l'ai trouvé.

Monday, March 11

Barcelone Part 1

 Barcelona is a brazen kaleidoscope of a city,
Everywhere there are bright ruptures of color,
 and the colors of  España somehow incorporate their way
into it's incredible food and character.
The language is just as beautiful as french but in an absolutely different way.
If both languages were the color red,
 french would be some deep shade of  lip rouge on a tuesday,
and spanish would be a zesty crimson-orange tomato on a saturday.
I'll be posting on Barcelona twice because of all the photos I can't choose from.

Sunday, March 3

Just spent the most lovely week in Barcelona, Spain,
and now I'm back in Provence, waiting for film to be developed.
In the meantime,
here are some moments from Fontaine de Vaucluse,
 the most lovely little turquoise town not far from here.