Saturday, February 26

(ill stop the world and melt with you.)

(its important to get a lot out of the little things in life.)

i think ill make blueberry muffins tomorrow morning.

Thursday, February 24

some things from valentines day,
i made jonathan a three layer chocolate raspberry cake.
it was unfathomably delicious.

Tuesday, February 22

i received approximatly 10,000 kisses from this remarkable person yesterday.
i just wanted to say it.
so that i might never forget how lovely it was.

i do not own the capacity to understand how intricate the relationship between us is.

Tuesday, February 15

just some odds and ends.
(sometimes those can be nice)
places i remember.

Thursday, February 10

ive been taking pictures nonchalantly the past week.
just of my surroundings, they feel different, I haven't developed any yet but I can already tell. its a good thing, careless, honest, easy.
I'm unbelievably poor at the moment, my rolls of film are collecting in a dresser drawer, waiting to be liberated.

my head's in the clouds,
dreaming of skies and grassy plains and sunhats and always endless photographs.
this has been playing in my mind today:

if you've never heard it you should listen.

Sunday, February 6

finally scanned all my polaroids, these are spectras from the other day.

Wednesday, February 2