Thursday, February 10

ive been taking pictures nonchalantly the past week.
just of my surroundings, they feel different, I haven't developed any yet but I can already tell. its a good thing, careless, honest, easy.
I'm unbelievably poor at the moment, my rolls of film are collecting in a dresser drawer, waiting to be liberated.

my head's in the clouds,
dreaming of skies and grassy plains and sunhats and always endless photographs.
this has been playing in my mind today:

if you've never heard it you should listen.


  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    It's the best way to take pictures - the "nonchalantly" way - I miss that.

  2. You've the loveliest posts.
    The nonchalantness (as mentioned) is so sweet.

  3. i agree, and thank you :)