Wednesday, April 27

just some bits and pieces from some forgotten place.


Monday, April 25

I have been hired to shoot a wedding in Illinois in about three weeks and I am very excited about it.
My minolta has been accompanying me everywhere, he'll be my primary camera on the big day.
We went exploring the other day and he took these lovely bits.

I'm pretty optimistic about shooting a wedding analog (I'll have my dslr for backup), despite the risks,
the magic will be worth it.

Sunday, April 24

i cannot imagine what it is like to be blind
to be unable to see people's fingertips
or faces
or the little furrows between their eyes
or how jonathan's hands handle everything with this clumsy sort of grace
that is just impossible to describe in words,
the only way to describe it,
like so many things,
is in an image.

i've had a lot on my plate.
my body is recovering from catostrophic events
and is healing properly, my heart, however
may take longer.

you can't carry it with you if you want to survive.
thats what they tell me anyway.

Tuesday, April 19

i fell asleep beneath the flowers.

                                  for those of you that have a tumblr, you can find mine here

Sunday, April 17

i am lost somewhere within you, and that is where i prefer to be.
for now.
for later.
for ever.

Thursday, April 14

this person has changed my life.
just thought someone should know.

Monday, April 11

chelsey and I played in the rain the other day,
its finally getting warm around here, all the mossy loveliness is blooming.

this weekend I shot two rolls of 120 color film on my diana that I am getting processed
later this week, I am very excited about it, I haven't done too much with 120 film so
shooting on it feels so strange and adventurous.
for the record,
is my favorite season.

Wednesday, April 6

last weekend a friend and I modeled for an analog photographer,
and while he was attending to some business he was gracious enough
to let me shoot a roll of film in his studio!
the film was expired fujifilm so I'm assuming that accounts for the strange little sparklies at the corners.
we had a boatload of fun.

Tuesday, April 5

but where do you go to my lovely,
when you're alone in your bed.

polaroid from a while ago, its a pretty awful scan, but I kind of like how dreamy it is.

Monday, April 4

(its okay to be free).