Tuesday, September 30

Soleil Fairies.

I happened upon two small, bright fairies,
prancing in a field of flowers,
all of them worshiping the sun together.

(This is an experimental soak of some kodak film,
a technique I've played with the past few seasons.
I fall for the stains and mishaps,
bits of color arranged by chance,
this atmosphere is one you will see frequently from me over the next several months,
 as I have several batches in the works.)

Wednesday, September 24

Travels Chapter 3: Becky in London

I didn't fall in love with it instantly.
After so long in the calm of the north of England,
London awoke me.
A pulse unsimilar to other cities.
One warm summer dusk.
who wore it's force with ease.

Tuesday, September 16

Travels Chapter 2: Seascapes

In a lake of lofty giants,
prowing the earth for the vastest of seascapes,
is it not possible to feel
 so minuscule a creature
endeavor with titanic emotion.

Sunday, September 7

Travels Chapter 1: Rêves de Jardin

A series of double exposures shot on Lomography Color Film.
An afternoon spent drifting through the gardens of Paris,
in which I photographed unfamiliar beings and the blossoms surrounding them.
Something about Paris in the summer, unlike other cities,
I find it consistently easy,
If you take a moment to glance, you will always find tranquility
resting among the noise and haste.

Monday, September 1


I have spent a spell travelling the world to take film photographs.
I will be releasing these photographs in small chapters, interlaced with thoughts, as always.
For the first, a few Polaroids shot in Northern England on The Impossible Project's latest color batch.
Come along.

My hands are empty but etched with other hands I've held,
soil, faces I've traced, tarnished cities, dried tears of strangers,
 other seas, other winds.
of other days.