Monday, October 31

I found Hansel and Gretel wondering about the other day,
wondering around the forest for years on end,
long and lost
fading into little fallen leaves and bits of tree root.
hardly children anymore.
part of a series for my upcoming book.

Monday, October 24

i've been having trouble sleeping.
this is a little chocolate raspberry cake I made myself the other day.
having nightmares that I am eight years old again, inside that house my parents built,
and all the rooms are unfamiliar and have strange people in them.

Tuesday, October 18

as I have mentioned, I am planning on releasing a book this winter,
December 1st, approximately, of photograph's based on the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales.
I have been working magnanimously hard photographing these beautiful fables.
and am offering a little sneak peak of what is to come.
if only all the world was as magical as it seems when I photograph it.

Saturday, October 15

it's so easy to fall in love this time of year.

Friday, October 14

bits of early autumn.
the middle one, of the seagull, is my favorite,
it makes me happy that people underestimate film.
that way, when it captures something passing in one, tiny moment,
it makes it all worthwhile.
every time.

Monday, October 10

I've been somewhat adrift the past couple of weeks.
Jonathan and myself have been exploring northeast ohio and laying listlessly
around my apartment.
He's found this spot just below my collarbone that he has become enamored with,
and nearly every morning when I wake I find his inestimable little head there, sleeping,
his champagne hair all tousled and wild, like peter pan.
sometimes I look at him and I think,
what is this unearthly thing that I have fallen in love with?
he must be from some other time or place,
we both must be,
for it doesn't seem we belong in this one.

Monday, October 3

these are from ages ago but I have recently rediscovered them.
it rained that day.

working on some little feminine mini-series to bite the time until I release my book.