Monday, March 18

Première Pluies Paris

Even in the rain, Paris sparkles.
Only spent a couple of days there, strictly to study art,
 and had to manage on one roll of film with just some quick thoughtless shots.
I've never seen such a city in my life.
nights that radiate and shimmer into days.
long walks along the Seine, with a person I hardly know,
having conversations I will never forget.
there are some things a camera cannot capture.
It is truly a city of lights,
a painting. a rêverie.
Everything I've learned in history and art and literature about this place is real,
 Paris is the most immense work of art in the world.
 and I can't wait to return and focus on photographing it.


  1. Love your photography and your blog! Keep up the great work, you really have a talent.

  2. Ah, I do love Paris. It is true that anything can happen there - I once spent an evening with a Swedish girl I had never seen before. I hope I can return there soon.

  3. wow, really impressive and unique pictures :)