Wednesday, September 21

I am selling 2 of my many cameras to the world in order to gain some funding
for equipment for my current photo project.

the first is my minolta xg.

this is a 35mm film SLR that takes film you can find at most convienient stores.
it is in lovely condition. Selling for $55.00.
takes photographs such as these:


 I am also selling my Polaroid One-Step 600 Close Up.
this is a fantastic camera that takes 600 speed instant film, which
you can purchase online,
or (if you are in cleveland) at this little photography shop in Tremont.
Also in lovely condition, this particular polaroid has a close up attatchment.
Selling for $25.00
takes photos such as these:

feel free to ask questions!


  1. hi! i'd love to purchase the polaroid! especially since i know the funds will be put to such good use; your blog is gorgeous and i always look forward to your posts. how might we go about this transaction?

  2. i am interested in the minolta! what would shipping/handling be like?

  3. Hello! I'm interested in the minolta. Would you ship to canada?

  4. Sorry carrie and lindsay, the minolta sold immediatly this afternoon! Scarlet I would be happy to discuss details via email. A paypal payment would probably work best! What is your email address? I can contact you there.

  5.! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  6. i would be interested in the minolta. email me if she's still there, thanks!

  7. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Hello! Have you sold them both? If not I'm interested in one of them, or both ;)

    ( )