Sunday, May 8

some lovelies from my diana on 120 film, I was extremely happy with all my images,
the colors are outrageous! I have three more rolls processing at the lab and another three
I need to drop off. The past few weeks my diana and I have become lovers nearly, she
never leaves my side, and seeing what she creates makes all the guesswork worthwhile.
I'm doing all the shooting for my upcoming appearence in a lomography gallery at this lovely place.

I am falling in love with medium format film. madly.


  1. these are incredible! wonderful.. i need to pick up diana again, she has disappointed me quite much so i tend to give up on her... this was really good inspiration, thankyou!

  2. you really should, I was really frustrated when I first started shooting on mine but I grew into it and it was completely worth it!

  3. I'm fall in love to the second, so amazing. You're so lucky to have this pictures in your photos (and to have an diana). Good work

  4. absolutely dreamy! I've had mine forever but I've only shot one roll of tri-x and only a few came out. This really makes me want to go grab some portra and shoot.