Sunday, April 8

double exposures and I've fallen in love with my canon again,
found this little flower haven in the wild.
 this is Samantha, the first time I've photographed her.
I adore her green eyes.
I could die in a field of flowers.
there are exactly:
4 more weeks of college
9 months until I move to France
2 polaroids left in my camera
1 distinct feeling of many lovely days heading my way.


  1. Oh wow they are all so beautiful. I especially love the second one - so calm and serene, and the double exposure. The location is stunning! :)

  2. These are so wonderful, especially the gorgeous depth of field as well as the light and colours.

  3. wonderful photographs. And I wish I could make the move to France too! That will be so wonderful

  4. What a beautiful location! Magical photographs; the yellow just sings happiness. I love the first one!

  5. stunning pictures! they're so magical

  6. What a pretty little field!