Sunday, December 14

Travels Chapter 7: Here Lies the Circle of Stones

This day was warm and rainy.
 I had a general idea of where I was headed,
what I was looking for
but no mapped route to follow, only the word of some passerbys.
That's how most of that corner of the world came to be for me,
how I ended up there, and how I left it.

I followed a lane a few miles past stony and inviting homes,
upwards through pastures.
English trees tend to reach for each other,
and in doing so create alluring passageways to follow everywhere.
Reaching a plateau in the altitude, I sauntered into a clearing,
and found a holy place.

The earth was sown with mist and silence here.
Stones nestled in a corridor between mountains,
asleep for centuries,
humming within my hands as I traced them
 alone beneath a full moon.
(kodak ektar)

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