Monday, June 18

A while back I began to work on a project with an amazing photographer and colleague of mine,
sir Scott Meivogel, who owns the amazing film photography store Aperture,
which is located just a hop away from my home.
These are some of the images from the shoot, which lasted 2 days and during which I got to eat amazing organic yummies and wake up to the noises of the wild.
We are going to finish the project in weeks to come, and there is going to be an amazing book produced from the photographs. In the meantime, enjoy.


  1. These are awesome! I love that you use film constantly. So nice.

  2. yours is one of my favourite blogs i follow!
    i love everyone of your posts, and your photographs are beautiful, very magical
    thank you for sharing them x

  3. I love the second!

  4. These look great, so atmospheric! Can't wait to see the finished works!