Saturday, August 27

jonathan and I spent a few days together in maine recently.
most of the time it rained,
and when it did, it was perfect,
and when it didn't, it was perfect.
Before I would fall asleep I would hear it patter on the window,
and would dream thereafter of little men in raincoats,
chasing some storm out to sea,
catching passing dreams by reeling in lobster nets.
the ocean is so intense on that part of the coast.
I cannot begin to describe how enamoured with it I have become.
it is deep, and frighteningly lovely, and hides an entire wonderland of life beneath its surface.
not so unlike myself, jonathan says.
but I could never be a thing so incredible.


  1. The photos are very dramatic, I really likethe third : the landscape is incredible !

  2. what a wonderful text!